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Some Top Ways to have a Brilliant ‘Television Show Party’ in Your Home

Times have changed, and it’s the great ‘in’ thing to throw a TV party. It’s understandable; the various shows that have captured our hearts and our minds are already part of our culture, after all, and when we want to enjoy the start of a great new documentary, a wonderful film or the enticing closing episode of a well-loved series, we want to celebrate it together.

Hence, TV parties – and hence the burden of the host to make sure it is done the right way. If you’re the chosen one, you want it to be a success. So what does it take to make sure your guests have all the entertainment and comfort they need? Here are some top ways to have a brilliant television show Party in your home.

Get a head count

Whether dad is getting his mates together for a fun evening of football, mum is getting her book club organised, or the children are in for a night of Disney marathons, it’s always important to start with a head count; know who is coming, and how many there will be. It’s imperative not only for the amount of drinks and food you have to prepare, but also for the seating arrangements and other organisational matters. Don’t just assume everyone will show up – confirm.

Food is important

When you keep them fed, you keep them happy. It’s one of those things you absolutely have to prepare for. When people are hungry, their blood sugar goes down and there’s a tendency to get grumpy. The same goes for drinks, of course. You don’t necessarily have to spend much, but make sure the food and drinks are appropriate for the crowd.

Get your seating arrangements planned

Make your seating arrangements comfortable – and if they’re going to be watching TV, ensure their places are set for maximum viewing pleasure. If you’re lacking space, an old mattress and some pillows do wonders for kids.

You’ll want a great media centre

You don’t want to skimp on your TV. In essence, the larger your TV, the better the viewing pleasure. You won’t be doing your guests any favours by making them squint their eyes due to a small screen. The height of the TV makes a difference as well, and this is where a great TV display stand comes in. You don’t want your viewers to be craning their necks and ending up with a stiff neck.

Don’t just think about the visual aspect of the viewing experience. Think also about the sound that accompanies it – and the lighting in the room to ensure the right effect. It’s part of those preparations you have to make in advance. And here’s another idea: get everyone to dress up in costume, especially if the TV night has a theme. It’s a great talking point and allows everyone to settle right in for a great time.


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