Thinking on build yourself a house? Did you think about the machinery?


If you’re thinking on a construction project, then you’ll inevitably need the right construction equipment – and whilst this statement may seem quite straightforward and borne out of logic itself, selecting the machinery that best fits the job isn’t always that easy. There are, after all, a lot of things to consider.

There are so many kinds of machines and tools on the market that it’s often tempting to think: ‘Hey, it’s a good rental price, so let’s go for that one’. It’s tempting indeed. However, cost should be your second consideration – not your first – because choosing the wrong equipment will end up costing you more in the end. Here’s your all-Important guide to the most useful pieces of construction equipment for your project.

The excavator

Also known as ‘the shovel’ or ‘the digger,’ this machine comes in different types and varieties. It’s handy if you can find one that has a 360-degree rotation ability, and that has versatility stamped on it. It’s generally used for trenching, material handling, landscaping, digging for forestry, as well as river dredging.

The machine moves on either wheels or tracks, upon which the rotating platform is housed. The cabin features a bucket, a stick, and a boom.

The loading shovel

This heavy-duty machine that moves around on wheels is used throughout the whole industry – it is used to complete a whole array of jobs. Ground clearance, quarrying, agriculture, waste and recycling, block handling – you name it, this one can handle it.

The backhoe loader

If you need to do some serious digging, then this one’s for you: its hydraulics allow it to do a wonderful job when all other machinery is not up to it. It’s not only great because of its heavy-duty performance, but also because of its ability to do some precision work.

The lorry loader

In essence, this crane is mounted to the lorry for easy loading – it’s important to remove debris and other kinds of rubble.

The overhead crane

The crane is a necessity – you need some serious loading and lifting, so choose wisely.

The road roller

Though this machine is most often used for road pavements and similar projects, you may need it when you’re laying a foundation.

Those are, in essence, the pieces of equipment you are most likely to find useful on the construction site – there will be more, but tendency is that these kinds of machinery will be used most often, and hence will contribute greatly to the overall costs. Choose wisely, whether you’re hiring (usually hiring is often a better option than buying due to cost, maintenance and repair, equipment quality and so on, as confirmed by Ruttle, the plant hire Preston experts). Consider how each one plays its role, and how it can affect not only costs, but also safety and deadlines.

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