Let’s stay at home? Nesting is a trend

There is a new trend among the most modern that invites us to stay at home over the weekend to disconnect from the world and recover from the stress we live from Monday to Friday: Yes, we are talking about nesting.

This trend, which I really think began with the economic crisis and with the decrease in the budget to go out to eat or to dine, is based mainly on enjoying the home, cooking some dessert, reading, watching your favorite series, taking care of plants or making dinner for friends. All this, without leaving home, of course.

His detractors say that it is a formula to ‘disguise’ that you do not have money to go out, to convince yourself that you are happy, and incidentally, to sell more decoration products so that we are at home with pleasure.

Really, it’s nothing new. It’s the typical couch weekend. In short, to rediscover yourself and forget the mundane noise and anxiety that usually surround the inhabitants of this world during the week.

Because in fact, and although it is true that everyone loves to go away for the weekend, going out to the movies or dining out there, the current pace of life makes more and more feel like a good idea to enjoy the house to recover a little of the workweek. Obviously, everything in its mid point, practicing nesting would not have to be a hermit 2.0, combining home weekends with social activities or leisure abroad.

The defenders of this new trend, which breaks among the moderns, affirm that the pace of life, work stress, connectivity, having to be always active and making plans lead to exhaustion and forget how important it is to forget everything , disconnect and pamper oneself a little, even getting bored. Because, really, how long have you been bored? As soon as we have nothing to do, we pick up the cell phone, the tablet … and we reconnect to this daily maelstrom that eats our time without us noticing.

That is why the advocates of the nesting movement defend that, given the constant connectivity and not having time for anything, it is time to take refuge at home, and rediscover happiness by enjoying those small moments that the home can bring. Something that connects perfectly with the term hygge, that term that is spoken so much and defines the supposed happiness of the Danes, enjoying those petty bourgeois pleasures like having a coffee with a sponge cake in a nice place while you watch a small vase with flowers (a pleasure I declare myself a fan fan).