More family stuffShould you buy an electronic coffee grinder?

Should you buy an electronic coffee grinder?

The coffee grinder, is often the forgotten one in the preparation sequence. As important or more important than the freshness of the infusion is, the time between grinding and preparation. For this, nothing like grinding at home and only the amount to be used.

We have all used profusely the ground coffee sold in the supermarket, but we have also realized that the first coffee in the pack does not come out the same as when we scratched at the bottom of the pack. It is not sold more than 1/4 kilo, precisely because it is lost much aroma and other characteristics worsen.

By analogy: you buy a bottle of champagne and take it home just opened, keep it in the refrigerator for the following week, which are the holiday season. You’ve lost a little spark, right? With the coffee is the same. Just as the uncork is done just before serving the wines, the coffee has to be ground just before preparing it. Personally, I ended up with a coffee machine that grinds it right away, from those superautomatic ones and only change it to another system that includes a good grinder.

Another reason why grinding has to be done at home, is to be able to adapt the grain of the ground, to the pore of the filter that we use. It seems silly, but when we use an espresso machine, it is a way of controlling the time of passage and the formation of the cream (the coffee).

Previously, the mills were manual, with cast iron wheels. These grinders are slow and tedious, but allow small amounts of grinding in comfort. Then came the electric blades, which, like electric shavers, took a step backwards for the sake of progress. There was a time when anything that plugged in was better, period. In fact, in electric grinders, the blades, in addition to heating the ground coffee and separating the oils, do not grind evenly. The most modern mills have copied the system of hotel mills, which kept the grinding system at low speed, but with electric drive.

Then, should you buy an electronic coffee grinder?

In short, no. Unless…

You are mad about coffee and have some money because these machines are not cheap. For example, the Mazzer mini coffee grinder is a wonderful machine, controlled electronically, weighs approximately ten kilograms and is engineered to ensure it will last a lifetime, but is not for every kitchen. If you are among the lucky ones who can afford it, go for it, without doubt. Right now.

You are in a small business and everyone loves coffee, but there is no time to go to look for it elsewhere. The price of the machine is recovered in a few weeks if you count the hours wasted in cafeteria and calculate a price according to your hourly fee.

You have a business and serve not enough coffees a day to have a pro machine, but your customers ask for a few quality cups every day, one of these machines could serve you wonderfully.


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