More family stuffAre you sure that your Valentine's gift will please your beloved?

Are you sure that your Valentine’s gift will please your beloved?

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, can become a real fiasco for many couples. A study published in 2016, which involved 2900 Internet users between 18 and 60, revealed their customs and preferences for this day. The data collected reveal that six out of ten people have been disappointed more than once with their Valentine’s Day gift. This may be because 20% believes that their partner does not know their tastes.

But, inevitably, Cupid is here for another year and couples prepare to face the date, albeit in a different way.
The majority of women (68%) consider that romanticism is being lost, compared to 60% of men who rightly believe otherwise. The poll shows that, although 83% of the respondents consider themselves romantic, and seven out of ten people count the days for February 14, there is a 26% questioning the meaning of this celebration. Meanwhile, 8% just looks for a gift to get out of the way and 3% does not believe in love.

When the gift does not like

For the respondents, the stage in which a couple is, is decisive when it comes to guessing or failing with a gift. While singles think that the best gifts are made at the beginning of the relationship, when more details are taken care of, married or couple believes that moment comes when the couple have been together for several years and know each other perfectly. “The search for a good gift for the loved one becomes, in many cases, an entertaining process and even learning about one’s own partner.”
There are even those who sit together to look whats cool website or other similar, and on that basis give clues to the couple about tastes, desires and needs.

However, it is possible that the gift is not the expected thing, and then disappointment is inevitable. The study reveals that one in five couples argue in Valentine’s Day, and a third of them do so because of gifts. In addition, one in three respondents confessed to having thought of revenge on their partner for a bad gift, and 2 out of five try to discover the money that has spent their partner to spend a similar amount. However, lovers will not always know if their gift has been disappointing, because 75% of respondents claims to keep their gift even if they do not like it, while only a brave 16% would ask the ticket to their partner to change it. The remaining 8% corresponds to those who would try to change the gift without their partner knowingit.

And how to prevent errors?

It is impossible to prevent ever any error. Long time couples will know better each other, and probably (only probably) the gifts on target will be more.

Women have it clear: 9 out of 10 believe that handmade gifts are much more special. However, a handmade gift is the choice chosen only by one in twelve in love, who this year will make their Valentine’s gift by hand, using Internet tutorials to inspire.

And if these plans do not work, there is also solution, the self-gift. one out of every eight respondents confess to having given a gift to themselves on Valentine’s Day, so there is no excuse for not enjoying this date.


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