Exercises for older people: 4 ideas to help our seniors move


Physical exercise and sport are key to maintaining a healthy development of the body in all stages of our life, including old age. Generally, 30 minutes of daily activity, five days a week, is sufficient to maintain a healthy body. Prevention of hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease and more.

However, with age come physical limitations that do not allow for any type of exercise but paradoxically, our body requires more care. That is why it is essential to do a small session to stay healthy, beyond walking or strolling.

Neck rotation

This exercise will work the neck and neck area. It consists of bringing the head forward and backward all the way, without forcing it. Then, do the same thing sideways, slowly bringing your ear from shoulder to shoulder. Finally, the same movement of the neck as if you were gesticulating “no”, from side to side and always stopping in the middle. The ideal is 10 repetitions of each movement.

Hip rotation

In this case, very similar to the previous exercise, but working a different part of the body. First, standing, with your legs separated at shoulder level and your hands on your waist, you will bend to one side and the trunk to the other. After 10 repetitions, the feet will be joined together and with the same posture the hip will be rotated in circles another 10 times.

Leg lifts

A fairly simple exercise that only requires a chair. Sitting down, with your legs bent at 90 degrees, you will have to raise one leg while maintaining your form, hold it for 10-15 seconds, and do the same with the other.

Seated brace

It can also be done standing up. For this exercise you will have to stretch your arms upwards and, alternating your left and right arms, carry them backwards by pulling the elbow, without hurting yourself, ten times each.

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