Natural Eye Care Exercises You Can Do Right Now To Reduce Eye Strain

1) The diagonal

This exercise will help to ease any tension or soreness that is currently in your eyes. Firstly, you must keep your head straight and remember to keep it straight for the duration of the exercise. Then look straight ahead of you. Next, look all way in the top right corner and keep looking there for five seconds. Then look to your bottom left corner and keep looking there for five seconds. Next, look to the top left corner and keep looking there for 5 seconds. Lastly, look to the bottom left corner. Be careful to really look in the corner. For example, when you look to the bottom left corner, you should be looking a little behind your shoulder.

Eye Exam

2) The Horizon

This exercise is almost like looking at your standpoint and then looking out on the horizon. It has the same benefits as the diagonal as it will reduce the strain in your eyes. First look at your nose and keep looking at your nose for 5 seconds. Then pretend as though you were looking at a horizon by looking the farthest out that you can. Keep your eyes with this horizon look and then stop. Repeat as necessary.

3) Eye Cupping

First, close your eyes. Next, rub your palms together until the heat from the rubbing make them warm. Next, place your palms over your eyes and keep them there for 10 seconds. Repeat a minimum of 5 times, but do as much as necessary, gradually you will notice that your eye strain will decrease.