My name is Mauricio Luque and I’m the owner of this website.

You can contact me the way you better like:






+1 (347) 565 5921 from 8:00 to 13:00 (morning office hours in western Europe; please, keep in mind you’re calling an international number and office hours are in GMT).


  • Charles Terry#1


    I’m just wondering if you’re interested in building or redesigning your site. Let me know.
    Warm regards,
    Charles Terry

    • newsroom#2


      Not now, Charles. I think it is fine already.

  • Felicity Allan#3


    I’m reaching out to see if you are looking for an increase in business? I can get you better rankings, which results in higher traffic and better sales. There is a major opportunity for business increase via this method.
    If you’re interested I can give you a free consultation to show you where you’re at now, what needs to be done, and what you can expect. Just let me know if you’d like to speak and we can set something up.

    Felicity Allan

    • newsroom#4


      I have no budget for search engine optimization, Felicity.
      Thanks for your offer. anyway.

  • Ed Frez#5


    Have you been thinking about upgrading or changing your site to a more cutting edge look and feel or adding a few elements to the site that will help automate some of your business? If so, I’d really love to speak with you. We are experts in wordpress and various other website platforms / shopping carts.
    Do you have a free minute we can talk in the next couple of days that would work for you? I can give you plenty of information and examples of what we’ve done for other clients and what the results have been.
    Let me know if you’re interested, Hopefully we can speak soon.

    Ed Frez – Web Designer / Programmer

    • newsroom#6


      The website has an cutting edge look and feel already, Ed. Isn’t?

  • Elena Yates#7


    Hello! I’m a web designer looking for new clients to work with.
    I was looking at your website just the other day and I thought of reaching out to you to let you know that I can be of assistance if you are thinking of any upgrades or changes to your website. I am very proficient with both basic and advance concepts of web design and I can even help you out if you’re thinking of adding new features (like shopping carts, I can explain more on that if you want). I make sure that my services are affordable even for small businesses because I know that everyone needs a helping hand.

    I hope you consider my offer,
    Elena Yates

    • newsroom#8


      I am not thinking of any upgrades or changes to your website.
      Thanks anyway.

  • Glenn Matson#9


    Did you know that appearing on the first page on web searches will boost the amount of business that you do on your website?
    As a freelance site optimizer, this is my #1 priority for clients that I am working with. I make sure that they come up when certain keywords are being searched in Google or Bing so that their businesses will boom. I can do this for your website too, if you’re interested.
    So don’t hesitate to tell me if you are and I can give you more details (for free!) on how I can make this possible for your website.

    Glenn Matson | Freelance Site Optimizer

    • newsroom#10


      Hello Glenn.
      Appearing on the first page on Google just means to appear under many paid results, Youtube’s videos and many other features of Google itself.
      Google search optinmization just works for big companies.

  • Dorothy Taylor#11


    Hi there! I’m reaching out to you because I wanted to know if you are interested in getting more traffic in your site from search engines like Google and Bing. I am a skilled site optimizer and I specialize in getting your site to appear on the first page of search engines. With my experience, I can tell you that being on the first page would surely increase your profits. If you’re interested, please let me know and I will gladly contact you through phone.
    Warm Regards,

    Dorothy Taylor

    • newsroom#12


      Hello Dorothy.
      Google, the only search engine which could drive real traffic, is stealing content elsewhere to retain the traffic itself, no to give it for free to websites like mine.

  • Sebastian Russell#13



    Are you thinking of any changes on your website? Or considering redesigning/rebuilding it?

    I’ve been helping my clients improve and rebuild their websites for over ten years. I’m a very experienced web developer and, if you want, I can show you some of the work that I have previously done. When it comes to web design, I am very dedicated to making a site as effective as it can be. My rates are very fair even for small business. Please let me know if you’re interested and I can call you with more information and a quote.

    Best regards,
    Sebastian Russell
    Web Developer

    • newsroom#14


      Do you seriously consider this website needs a redesigning/rebuilding?

  • Andrew Jackson#15


    I’m reaching out to see if there is anything that you would like to upgrade, repair, or redesign on your site or if you’d like to build a new site completely? I am a web designer/developer that can do just about anything you can imagine at very good prices.

    Now that we’re in the age of internet, having a website that delivers excellence is the edge you’ll need to improve your sales. This is something I would love to talk with you about because my services can give you the site you want/need, and I can do it in an affordable manner.

    I can give you a free consultation to let you know what things are possible with a website these days and how much it costs to get what you want. If you’re interested then just let me know the best number to reach you on and I’ll reach out right away.

    Thank you!

    Andrew Jackson – Web Developer

    • newsroom#16


      Thanks Andrew.

      This website isn’t bad at all.
      If you think it needs a full redesign, I think is you who are wrong. Plain and simple.


  • John Simmonds#17


    I’m reaching out to see if you want an app built for your site? I’m an app developer that can design and program on any platform (Android, iOs, etc?). There are many different types of apps that can help your business, whether in terms of marketing, business efficiency, or both. If you already have an idea, I’d like to hear about it to help you more on how we can make it happen. I have some ideas of my own that I would really love to share with you of things that have worked really well for my other clients.
    If you’re interested in my services, I’d like to talk some more with you about this. When would be the best day/time to give you a call? I would really appreciate a positive response from you.

    Best Regards,
    John Simmonds – App Development Services

    • newsroom#18


      Hello John.
      I’m not thinking on an app for this website.
      Thanks, anyway.

  • Nathan Churchill#19


    Are you getting the most out of your site? Is your site generating enough traffic? Are you satisfied with the amount of business that your website is making?
    I am reaching out to you because I am a skilled site optimizer and I can help you with boosting the amount of traffic generated by your site. I can provide you with examples of my previous work so you have a general idea of what it’s like before and after a website has been optimized for web searches. My services are very affordable so you don’t have to worry at all.
    Tell me who I should contact and when to reach them best if you’re interested. I will then get in touch with them immediately.

    Warm regards,

    Nathan Churchill

    • newsroom#20


      Hello Nathan.
      We have many things to do with this website before we think to optimize it. Maybe then…

  • Pettry Gaylor#21



    I was just browsing online when I stumbled upon your website. Nice content you’ve got but we could do a little bit of work with it. An improvement on how your website looks can make a positive change for the benefit of your business.

    Think about it as a renovation for your online content. It will attract the consumers. I reached out to your company because I’m a professional website designer who is looking for new clients to work with. I chose you since I see potential. Once we’ve set up a schedule, we can discuss how you envision the new look of your website, and how I can make it possible for you.

    We’ll give you all the information you need. When’s the best time to contact you?

    Pettry Gaylor
    Web Designer

    • newsroom#22


      Thanks, Pettry.

      I just need I need more and better content because I think the website’s layer is ok by now.

      Thanks for your offer.



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