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Author: I’m a full-time mummy

I always believed God is watching over us! A while ago, I was telling myself as I rummaged through my worn out diaper bag (it’s already 2 years old) and telling myself it is high time to get a new diaper bag, and few weeks back while discussing with my hubby what to get for our ninja girl’s coming 2 years old birthday and hubby suggested we get a Duplo set for Alyson’s birthday (as it can easily merged with her brother’s Lego sets and we are really strong believer in Lego stuff which helps foster creativity and motor skills in our kiddos) and then a few weeks back also, one of our kiddos got a bit of a fever and I used our digital thermometer and I noticed the flashing battery low indicator and I was like thinking ‘Argh… not this… how to change battery?’ and God comes to our rescue and answered our prayers!

To cut a long story short, I was approached by Lazada Malaysia to collaborate with them and despite my announcement that I am stopping all product reviews to focus on our coming 3rd child in October and also taking care of our 2 kiddos now, I just had to accept this pitch as the products sent for my review are what I have been asking for!!! So here goes my review for the products we received from Lazada Malaysia:

I'm a full-time mummy


About the company:
“Lazada Malaysia is poised to be the single largest online mall that is part of a global cyber chain already established in Europe. We have similar sites in China, India, Singapore and the Philippines with plans to move into other parts of the world. Lazada Malaysia will change the face of shopping by offering a user-friendly, convenient and trusted e-commerce platform. “

I'm a full-time mummy

 I received a total of 3 products for my review which I will break it down for easier reading:


# 1 : Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag (Black color)

Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag

A new diaper bag with a detachable bottle holder! Yay! I would’ve preferred a red color bag (easier to notice) but black will do as well as it masks off dirt and mess easily too hahahah… I particularly love the spacious pockets all over the bag, and boy, this bag does have lots more pockets than my current worn out diaper bag! More places for me to stuff my kiddos things and snacks!

I also like that this bag comes with 2 handles which can be easily hold up together with a Velcro strap and I would definitely prefer the sling strap as I find it more comfortable to carry a sling diaper bag. I also like that the bag has 2 cute zipper tabs (I get annoyed when there’s only one zip tab), I mean, 2 zip tabs are cool as I can open it from either sides!

Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag

Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag

A look at the insides of the diaper bag, whoaaaa… spacious… the width of the bag is about 6 inches, lots of stuff I can put in, enough for 3 kiddos’ stuff later! Btw, the diaper bag also comes with a changing pad which you can use in the event you need to change your kiddo’s diaper anywhere, anytime!

Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag

One thing that I’m still trying to get used to is the way the sling strap is being hooked/attached to the diaper bag. The metal hooks are not located on the sides of the diaper bag (like how my worn out diaper bag is) but are located at the top, zig-zag across each ends. You don’t really noticed the difference when you sling the diaper bag, just that I feel weird and need to get used to this new settings.

Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag

So I took out everything from my worn out diaper bag and transferred them over to the Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag. There’s a whole lot more space left in the diaper bag and I love how I can organised the things better now. More pockets for me to put things in different places rather than stuffing everything into a small space like how I previously did.

Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag

This Bubbles Ashley Diaper Sling Bag will come in handy when our 3rd child comes along as I will be able to pack all 3 kiddos’ stuff into this bag! Yay! For more information on this bag, go to:


# 2 : Bremed BD1130 Digital Baby Thermometer (Koala Bear design)

Bremed BD1130 Digital Baby Thermometer

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, a few weeks back, one of our kiddos got a bit of a fever and I noticed the flashing battery low indicator when I was using our digital thermometer and I was worried about the prospect of not having any digital thermometer to measure our kiddos’ temperatures in the future. And look at what we have here! The Bremed BD1130 Digital Baby Thermometer!! Yay, and it comes with 4 cute designs, which are frog, koala, panda and bear. We got the koala bear design and I love it! Really cute!

What impressed me about this Bremed BD1130 Digital Baby Thermometer is it has a flexible tip, you can really bend the tip back and forth. Very good when you have wriggly little ones trying to escape from being forced to have their temperatures taken hahahaha… This thermometer also has a fever alarm and is waterproof as well. Nice!

Of course I immediately got down to testing the Bremed BD1130 Digital Baby Thermometer with our current low battery digital thermometer on both my kiddos. The temperature shown for my boy is same for both devices whereas we are off by 0.1C reading for my girl.

Bremed BD1130 Digital Baby Thermometer

Bremed BD1130 Digital Baby Thermometer

The only thing I would prefer is a bigger screen for the thermometer as the screen for our current one is quite big. For more information on this thermometer, go to:

# 3 : Lego Duplo Luigi’s Italian Place (5818)

Lego Duplo Luigi’s Italian Place

What a cute Lego Duplo Luigi’s Italian Place set we got here! This was initially meant for our 4.5 years old boy but we have decided to give it to our going to be 2 years old ninja girl soon as hubby and I were planning to get her a Duplo set for her birthday.

Unfortunately, this is the only Duplo set available for our review and we are really a big fan of Lego products and thought this would still make an awesome gift although it might be more geared towards boy type of games. Anyway, our ninja girl is not into dolls or girly cookery toys anyway, so yeah, we decided to go ahead with the Lego Duplo Luigi’s Italian Place!

Btw, why we love Duplo products? For your info, DUPLO products are fun and safe for younger hands, the blocks are big enough for them to play with and we can testify how awesome Lego products is for our 4.5 years old boy as we can see how creative he got as he plays with his Lego and we hope to repeat the same with our soon to-be 2 years old girl later.

I would really love to open this Duplo set up but like I mentioned earlier, we wanted to get this as a birthday gift for our going to be 2 years old ninja girl (her birthday is on 2nd Sept by the way) so I will have to revisit and update this post with more pictures of our girl playing with this Duplo set after her birthday passed okay?

If you are planning to look for Lego or Duplo products, you can browse for more designs at:

I'm a full-time mummy

You can browse for more products at

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products by Lazada Malaysia in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

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